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Saturday morning with my Kids

Diapers, stoves & floors….what??   Saturday morning I have our children all to myself. It’s very cool. Lisa kept a few clients after we had our kids that we are in the process of adopting, at the salon so Saturday morning is one of the times she kept for them. My daughter and I love …

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Prevent and Relieve the Common Cold with Essential Oils

common cold

Prevent and Relieve the Common Cold So here we are in the Fall season, creeping into winter, you know, the common cold season. Welcoming all the viruses into your home from your children’s school, and also your spouse’s workplace. Most of all be on top of it using essential oils to combat and ease the …

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My Essential Oils Daily Routine – Holistic Wellness


My Essential Oils Daily Routine So one of the questions I get asked a lot is “What’s my essential oils daily routine?” This is actually a tough question, because as I do use my essential oils daily, what I use depends on how I feel and what my day is going to look like. So …

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Are You an Essential Oils Skeptic?

I Was an Essential Oils Skeptic That was me, the essential oils skeptic, I couldn’t believe the hype. Then it happened, I started seeing with my own eyes, and started feeling the great results. I bought an essential oils kit just to curb my curiosity. I used them on and off, waiting for the instant …