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Essential Oils A to Z, Spicy, Sweet

Ginger Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Ginger Essential Oil When used as a kitchen spice, the hot, earthy nature of Ginger Essential Oil adds flavor to a variety of dishes, and may help to support healthy digestion . Aromatic Description Hot, spicy, earthy, sweet Primary Benefits: May help to support healthy digestion May help to reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion May help reduce …

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Geranium Essential Oil Uses and Benefits


Geranium Essential Oil With various beautifying purposes, Geranium essential oil promotes healthy, glowing skin and hair, while providing a sweet, floral aroma. Aromatic Description Herbaceous, green, floral, sweet, dry Primary Benefits: Promotes the appearance of clear, healthy skin Naturally repels insects Gives hair a vibrant, healthy glow Description of Geranium Essential Oil A member of the Pelargonium …

Essential Oils A to Z, Sweet

Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel Essential Oil

Fennel Essential Oil With several health benefits dating back to ancient Rome, Fennel essential oil can still be used to promote healthy digestion and respiratory function, while exuding a unique licorice aroma and flavor. Aromatic Description Licorice, sweet, honey Primary Benefits: Promotes healthy digestion Supports a healthy respiratory system May help promote healthy metabolism, liver function, and circulation Description …

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Cilantro Essential Oil Uses and Benefits

Cilantro Essential Oil

Cilantro Essential Oil The fresh, herbal aroma of Cilantro essential oil makes it useful for cooking, while also providing powerful cleansing and detoxifying properties. Aromatic Description Fresh, herbal, sweet, pungent Primary Benefits: Aids digestion Powerful cleanser and detoxifier Gives food a fresh and tasty flavor Description of Cilantro Essential Oil The culinary uses and additional benefits of …